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It has come to our attention that several non-English character sets have been broken since our last capture technology overhaul (Nov 2015). While our rebuild script accounted for adding language support, apparently the OS vendor decided to completely change and rip out the previous way of handling that feature. So that part of the script failed silently, and we were unaware of the problem until a user reported it recently.

Now, we have corrected the script to add languages using the new method and have tested and rolled out the changes to most of our capture generators. In doing so, we expanded the number of languages supported. We now support 121 languages that aren't in the default UTF-8 character set. Those include: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Catalan, Hungarian, Gaelic, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Sanskrit, and many others.

However, we were forced to change OS versions due to a recent, mandatory release that breaks critical server functionality in our use case. That change was a huge ordeal but has been rolled out to all but 10 of our capture generators. The remaining 10 generators are hosted outside of our datacenters, with a 3rd-party, as backups. Unfortunately, their virtualization software does not support the changes and they cannot be upgraded at this time.

We are going to have to have that company re-image those VMs to a different OS, then rebuild and re-deploy them to overcome this issue. In the meantime, there is a 3% chance that a request will be handled by a capture generator that does not support many of the non-English character sets. Please be aware. We will update this thread as soon as those generators are converted.

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