Do-it-yourself Website Thumbnails?

In our experience, those who decide to go the route of building their own in-house platform eventually end up looking for a service provider. Until ShrinkTheWeb, however, there were no reliable and cost-effective alternatives. Now, ShrinkTheWeb gives you a choice; a viable feature-rich alternative to the Do-It-Yourself nightmare. We leverage our substantial experience and resources to deliver a cost-effective solution no matter how large or small your needs may be.

Our service's goal is to make it worthwhile to outsource website screenshots. We listen, so let us know if you think of a reason why we are not meeting that goal. Still thinking of building your own website thumbnail system? Here are a few considerations:

Managed, Automated Screenshot Service Provides Better Business Value

Automated Screenshot Service In-House STW
  • Copy/paste options or sample code for more robust integrations.
  • We offer a number of PRO features not found anywhere else.
  • We take the trouble out of supporting new technologies, such as Flash updates, Shockwave, HTML5, etc.
  • A queue-less system is possible but only good for low volume. With growth, queue-less becomes problematic & expensive.
Easy to integrate no yes
Powerful PRO Features $$ yes
Support new web-based technologies $$ yes
On-going development & testing costs $$ yes
Queue-less, near-instant capture $$ $$
Day-to-day Responsibilities In-House STW
  • It's the job of certified STW experts to do all of this for you.
  • We have the tools and people to monitor our servers, around-the-clock, and immediately respond to any issues.
  • We have an industry-leading 100% Network uptime SLA.
  • This is what we do. Most competitors built their system for in-house use and try to recoup costs by offering service publicly. This results in service and customers being an "after thought"
Configure & Manage Servers & Storage $$ yes
Monitor Environment & Respond 24x7x365 $$ yes
System Administration & Troubleshooting $$ yes
Maintain Network Uptime yes yes
Maintain Hardware Uptime $$ yes
Staffing In-House STW
  • STW's certified IT experts support servers, maintain back-end operations, & scale service to support any requirements.
  • Our helpful support staff is available to answer any questions.
  • Paid integration support is available at $75/hour (2-hour min).
Pay, Train & Retain Hard-to-Find Experts $$ yes
Plan & Manage Infrastructure for Growth $$ yes
Handle Non-revenue Generating IT Activities $$ yes
Knowledgeable Support Team Available
Capital Expenditures In-House STW
  • Our pricing allows you to leverage your investment by paying only for what you use and not having to invest a lot up-front.
  • We replace failed components at no additional cost to you.
  • You won't be stuck with old depreciating assets on your books as technology progresses.
Fund Upfront IT Infrastructure Expenditures $$ yes
Maintain On-demand Hardware Inventory $$ yes
Pay for Hardware Repair & Replacement $$ yes
Upgrade Depreciating Technology $$ yes
Infrastructure In-House STW
  • You have one point-of-contact.
  • We spend a small fortune on infrastructure each month. Reduce your expenditures and headaches by using our service.
  • We're a turnkey solution. Don't deal with hardware or support.
Build/Lease World-class Data Center Space $$ yes
Electricity & Cooling can be expensive $$ yes
Alternative "Cloud" solutions can be costly $$ yes
Manage the Entire Hardware Lifecycle $$ yes

$$= Extra Cost
yes = Included
no = Not Included


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If your requirements dictate a fully customized solution, we offer customization services for in-house projects.
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