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Applies to ALL USERS and must be completed before July 16th to avoid service interruption.

i.e. The system already supports these changes...

It is a simple code change that is the same regardless of which method you use (embed vs advanced) and is as follows:



This should be an easy find-and-replace for you. That is all that is REQUIRED but while you are in the code, the following additional changes are SUGGESTED for future portability:

  1. make all stw variables lowercase
    1. &STWAccessKeyId to -> &stwaccesskeyid
    2. &stwUrl to -> &stwurl
    3. &Size to -> &stwsize
  2. use the newer stw-specific variable names
    1. &u to -> &stwu
    2. &embed to -> &stwembed
    3. &Size OR &size to -> &stwsize
    4. &Url to -> &stwurl
    5. &inside to -> &stwinside
    6. &full to -> &stwfull
    7. &stwq (no change)
    8. &redo to -> &stwredo
    9. &xmax to -> &stwxmax
    10. &ymax to -> &stwymax
    11. &nrx to -> &stwnrx
    12. &nry to -> &stwnry
    13. &delay to -> &stwdelay
    14. &rpath to -> &stwrpath

At some point down the road, we will deprecate the legacy parameter names. So making the changes according to point #1 and #2 above will put you ahead of the curve. The code wizard and documentation has been updated with these changes as well.

We've worked very hard over the past couple years to keep from mandating code changes. On July 16th, we will implement stage 1 of our preparation for a move to CDN (content delivery network). Unfortunately, this will be the first time that we will require a code change of our users. Once complete, this move will speed up the delivery of images significantly for all users (especially international users).

Please Note: We will be running a "version frozen" copy of xino on www.shrinktheweb.com for Legacy Support for those of you who absolutely cannot meet the deadline due to change control windows and conflicts. This legacy support will remain in effect through August 2010. The downside to using the legacy support is that it will be significantly slower (and possibly out-of-date) as compared to the images.shrinktheweb.com version of xino.

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