[Solved] Most of my requests return 'Not Yet Checked'

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Hi everyone,

I made a plugin for b2evolution blogging software. It's still under testing.

What I've got so far is most of requests return Success and Not Yet Checked

Request urls are not encoded.
Is this something on your side?


Request URL: http://www.shrinktheweb.com/xino.php?Size=xlg&Url=http://forums.b2evolution.net/&Service=ShrinkWebUrlThumbnail&Action=Thumbnail&STWAccessKeyId=XXX&u=YYY

<stw:ThumbnailResponse xmlns:stw="http://www.shrinktheweb.com/doc/stwresponse.xsd">
			<stw:Thumbnail Exists="false"></stw:Thumbnail>
			<stw:Thumbnail Verified="false">noretry</stw:Thumbnail>
			<stw:StatusCode>Not Yet Checked</stw:StatusCode>

Never mind, my bad.
I just have to add embed=1 and it will display a valid error image.

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Hah... you were too quick! Wink

Feel free to PM me with a link to your plugin download when ready. Provide me a working demo link and if we include your plugin on our plugins page, you can post a direct link from here to your site/plugin description.




Sure, I'll provide a link and all the stuff.


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