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PRO: Custom-sized Thumbnails

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We have begun supporting custom-sized website thumbnail requests.

So, to request a custom-sized website thumbnail, you omit the Size= portion of the link and instead put xmax=xx -where xx is the width of the resulting thumbnail. You can request sizes between 50 pixels wide and 1024 pixels wide.

Note: Do NOT put these variables after the &Url= portion of your request or else the captured page will NOT be correct!

The xmax value is the maximum width.

The thumbnail will always remain proportionate to the original visible portion. The default size is 200x150.

We currently do not limit the size of the request. So, you could request a thumbnail of up to 1024x768. However, our policy is to purge any requested thumbnails over 320x240 once per day -in an effort to avoid wasted space on our hard drives. Wink

So, if you need to have instant access to custom-sized thumbnails over 320x240, then you will need to cache those images locally.

I am also considering a service where we store your large images for you and just charge for the storage space. This will be a future addition, if we decide to offer it. If interested in this, please post that you would like to pay a reasonable monthly storage fee to have this feature.

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