Landing pages / geo redirects (API)

I'm trying to get a subdirectory/country selected thumb ( of and I fail miserably. They all generate the landing page/select your country and I'm going nuts here.. What am I doing wrong exacly?

I've also tried to use their geo chooser but that one also bounces back to the country selector:

I'm using the stw API/XML interface.

Any ideas?

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And the thing is that if I submit a thumb request for through the front page of - it generates the way I want it to be. So I must be doing something wrong with the API. =/

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Hello playme,

You probably did not include &stwinside=1 in your request. That is what signals for us to capture the deep page instead of the top level page. However, you will need to subscribe to that PRO feature in order to use it in automated queries (i.e. embedded or advanced method).

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