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Keeping Up With Demand

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Because webmasters like you have been spreading the word (thank you!), we have delivered more than 3 million thumbnails since our launch just a few months ago!

To keep up with demand, we are adding ten (10) more servers and optimizing code. We have gotten our distributed code working but it is not quite yet reliable enough. However, we hope to have it stable within a month and then we will have 5 dedicated servers updating existing thumbnails, 5 dedicated servers handling new requests, and 1 dedicated server to handle full-length thumbnail requests.

These servers -along with our highly optimized, distributed code- should allow us to keep up with any demand that is thrown at us. We are planning for the blogging community and social networking communities to discover us shortly, and when that happens; we want to make sure that your sites do not suffer! So, we are investing the time and money to ensure our service remains reliable --even under heavy demand.

Our goal is to become THE #1 website thumbnail provider in the world!

With your help, we can get there. Smile

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