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Hi fellow STW'rs,

I would like to show off our latest (Friday the 13th Innocent ) release of offers a service which relies heavily (as in totally Big smile) on ShrinkTheWeb.

You can use to bookmark your favourite sites as private or public bookmarks, which can then be easily retrieved using the (STW) thumbnails or the tagcloud. The latest release adds the feature to share a (public) bookmark using Twitter or Facebook (or any other service that accepts URLs), including your own description.

Yes, this has been done before, but we want to offer a simpler and cleaner solution than the alternatives that are currently available online. No feature creep, just the basic thing: storing, retrieving and sharing of bookmarks.

To reduce the server load, we fetch the STW URLs of the bookmarks dynamically (in an AJAX-like way) from our database. We don't use any local caching of bookmarks. If you would like to learn more about the technologies used, please ask and I will try to explain.

Any feedback is welcomed! is work in progress. You may also join our Facebook page to discuss improvements of any kind.

Thanks a lot!

Jasper Rooswinkel

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Very cool, Jasper! Great implementation and integration. Smile

-The Brandon

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This is awesome! The ajax auto-loader is a very clean way to load images. The mouse-over auto resize is great. Once you click a screenshot and it pops open the Description page you could probably bump up to an "xlg" size thumbnail and put a 1px white border around it to make it POP against the gradient charcoal grey background, but it looks great as is. I'm just thinking out loud. You may also want to consider using our "Custom System Messages" PRO Feature to replace our Invalid Domain and Blank Detected messages with something that maintains the theme of your site a little better. All told, however, it is freaking awesome. I really like the "List View" too with our "tny" size.

Great job guys! I wish you all the best in this venture!


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Hi guys,

Thanks for your positive comments. Today I improved the loading of the thumbnails a bit by actually "waiting" for the images to load before displaying anything... Big smile

We are looking forward to using some of your PRO features, more specifically the "deep linking" feature (I think it's called "Inside Pages") and the Custom System Messages. However, currently we're on a small budget and we'll first have to see if the concept will actually attract some more users.

Thanks again for your feedback and keep up the good work!



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