Project Completion Guidelines

In order to consider the project completed, the following must be done:

  1. Collaborate with anyone who chooses to post suggestions on your project thread
  2. Define the list of features to support and begin project
  3. Define an open BETA period
  4. Collect user feedback
  5. Correct any BUG reports and repeat feedback collection
  6. Alternatively, ShrinkTheWeb staff may BETA test, as time permits
  7. Once verified as working/stable, submit ALL code and full documentation

Upon completion, we will send payment via check or Escrow for the full amount as agreed.

In most cases, we plan to publish the code as "Open Source" for the community and may add to our "Plugins" page and other relevant areas. We will still give credit for development to you and we will consider promoting it, as deemed valuable to the community or growth of our PagePix service.

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