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So, we had a number of initiatives in the works at the beginning of the year but several major projects were on the "back-burner."

Over the last couple of months, however, things have really been moving at light-speed. We've made so much progress that we're looking at rolling several major pieces together for a combined roll out. There is always some business risk when making major changes, especially several major changes at once. However, these projects have been a work-in-progress for years and have finally come to fruition.

We have finally worked out the kinks of our new pricing model (in the works for nearly 2 years) and that will coincide with a complete rewrite of our delivery scripts to support the new pricing model and new features. This will be the biggest overhaul the company has undertaken since its inception. Based on our track record, though, major changes and overhauls have resulted in zero downtime. We are taking things slowly and pouring over the details to help ensure that this major overhaul also avoids end user impact.

We have a lot of exciting developments and announcements in the works. As we get closer to launch, these projects will be revealed. This will be an exciting year for our niche industry... "The year of the automated website screenshots." Hah.

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Wow, sounds interesting..shrink the web is already an impressive type I guess a bit of dressing can only raise visitor experiences, certainly a good thing for a smooth operator. Cool

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I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. You run an excellent service and I truly appreciate all of your hard work even though I certainly don't utilize shrink the web very much, I felt the need to express my gratefulness for your efforts.

thanks again,

garrett schwab

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Hi, I left a voice message at your 888 phone number listed above. I don't actually understand your pricing model. I am about to launch 2nd Annual Chicago International Blog Awards 2012 and I seriously need a reliable screenshot provider who can capture the blog images from each new blogger who becomes and official nominee.

I just need to understand the pricing model and how it works. I have a specific size I want for each screenshot and I also would like to better understand the bandwidth and "PRO" features. As simple as you have it outlined it's totally confusing to me.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

Chicago International Blog Awards

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