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WP Plugin v1-1-0: Embed Thumbnails

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We have launched the long awaited release version 2 of our WordPress plugin. With this release, you get all the same great features as before and one important new one: easy embedding of thumbnails!

Before, we offered a simple install to your WordPress blog that allows you to show a mouseover preview bubble in whichever of our three larger default sizes you want. You could even customize the plugin with PRO features.

Now, we have added the ability to support embedding thumbnails within your posts on-the-fly. Once enabled in the plugin setup, you simply type the following in any of your posts:

And when you publish the post, you'll see an embedded thumbnail of the website between the [thumb] tags. How cool is that?! Even better is that the embedded feature automatically supports any of our six default sizes!

We know that many of you do not like the popup bubbles and prefer to embed only. And yet, others prefer to show both at different spots. Our plugin easily allows you to do either or both!

If this is something you want to check out, visit our screenshots plugins page.



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