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Hi, I don't really know if this is the sort of thing you mean by show off your site but I am posting here to let you see our site and to check if it's okay what I have done with your logo. I should like to link back here for you but all of your banners are garish and would make our on-line Church look very untidy. So I have taken your logo and made a click link logo of my own from it, it now matches our site perfectly.

We are here:

I have included this click link image right beside our mother site in the footer, if you do not approve of my adapting your logo then please do say so and I shall remove the linked logo image. This is just our small way of saying thank you for this add-on to our on-line Church.

Thank you

Rev.K.Fiztgerald Smile

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Hello RevKirkF,

Thank you for choosing ShrinkTheWeb!

Yes, your modification of our logo is OK for this purpose. It looks good in the sepia-like color you chose and integrates well with your site.

Enjoy the service and best wishes to you!



Thank you for confirming this so quickly Brandon, I appreciate that very much, and thank you for your approval of my modification of your logo.

Peace be yours brother,

Kirk Smile

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